A Day in the Life
Tala and I awoke to a gorgeous heavy snowfall. We are cozy in the warm house, wrapped in our soft blanket, eating cinnamon rolls, watching the giant snowflakes falling. 

Ahhh, this is grande!! 

Memories of life, reminded by film.
What movies remind you of certain times/memories of your life or of someone special??

Here are some of mine:

Bridges of Madison County (especially the book)


Rob Roy

The Scarlet Letter

Forrest Gump

Graffitti Bridge

Pearl Harbor

Lazy Saturday
Watched Gone With the Wind this afternoon, took a shower, went shopping with Raven and came home

How unproductive!

I'm sorry Barbie, you poor woman, having to slave away all day long! Wish I could lend a hand.



Lovely day in the kitchen!
After teaching the kid's classes today, I spent the entire afternoon in my kitchen making my homemade beef tomato based soup and the most delicious golden buttery cornbread imaginable!

Even though my legs hurt so bad I had to use one of my wooden bar stools for support, I enjoyed every minute of it. I opened the windows, let the breeze come through the house and lounged by the stove on my stool, sipping the broth, talking to Tala about dinosaurs and outer space, and thanking the Blessed Mother for this time with my daughter (Nolan was playing on his psp). It is these times that I cherish. It is these times that mean the world.

Wonderful afternoon!!

The best!

Five years of LJ History

I've just spent the last four hours reading all of my LJ archives.

It is incredible how far I've come since 2004!

I was particularly AMAZED and GRATEFUL at how patient and kind all of you were to me throughout my very stressful times.

I did notice that over the past three years or so, I've not posted as much. I knew I  was holding back but can't figure out why.

I want and need to get back into documenting my life, or at least some of it. I found some very important things in my entries.

This is a sort of captured history of our lives and it is great to look back and see how much life has happened and how much I have grown since then, and how much our lives have changed. 

I have always kept up with everyone on here each week and I love you gals and guys!


Places of personal interest

Photo by Travel2000.

This is the Church of Santa Maria Nuova in Cortona, Italy.
Too bad it is in such a sad state of disrepair, as  I would have liked to attend Mass there :(

Teenagers = insane parent!
I swear, raising a teenager is going to be the death of me!
I am practicing handling things better but some times, she just
drives me over the edge.

God help me.


Can anyone say: Exhausted!
I simply cannot seem to keep up with everything I have to do. 
I feel like I could lay down and not get up for...ever.

On the flip-side, I have accomplished a score of tasks today, but alas, it is only half over.

Colton's Steakhouse was incredible last night!! yummmmmmmmmy! Wonderful dinner with friends, just lovely!



I hate it.
Fibromyalgia is completely kicking my booty.
Twice this week I've not been able to walk on my own.
Very painful. And all the while, I get even more mad.
I am only 38. I should not be even thinking about
buying a walker. I am whining here, I know. I know a
lot of people who are having physical problems. Mine
have just reached a new high....

On to World Lit I, Education Tech, and Comp II schoolwork. yay.

I'll add some positive emphasis: Had an art class with Tala :) and an awesome day of homeschooling! Fantastic!

Really. Don't ya just get sick of the stress?

so, I watched "The Secret Lives of Bees" with Nolan and Tala. Beautiful movie. Dakota Fanning was wonderful.




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